YES2EUROPE is a new political party for those who believe that Britain should be more fully engaged in the European Union. It is open to all who share its principles, from any part of the political spectrum.

Brendan Donnelly

Brendan Donnelly

YES2EUROPE believes that the current British political system makes it impossible for any of the major parties to express clear and outspoken pro-European views. If you think that Britain is being harmed by the half-hearted attitude our country has shown for too many years in the European Union, YES2EUROPE is the party for you.

Over the past fifteen years, hostility to the European Union has become a central plank of the Conservative Party’s policies. The Labour Party has allowed its European agenda to be dominated by anti-European sections of the popular press. The Liberal Democrats have been increasingly unwilling to speak positively about the European Union for fear of being labelled extremist or unrepresentative. At the same time, the United Kingdom Independence Party and its allies in the media have redoubled their efforts of agitation and propaganda.

Pro-Europeans in all the main parties have been aware of this process, but have all too rarely stood up to be counted. YES2EUROPE is your opportunity to protest against the drift towards Euroscepticism in British politics.