Brendan wrote the following letter to The Times in response to one  from a Finnish MEP after some remarks by Lord Tebbit on current voting possibilities.   We await its publication in the meantime you can at least say you read it here first.
I am in a position to reassure Ms. Eija-Ritt Korhala, who fears that Lord Tebbit’s recent utterances may lead voters to support in the European Elections parties relying on “hatred, racism,misinformation.”
Yes 2 Europe is a small, newly-formed political party standing in the London Region. Our views are probably very similar to Ms. Korhala’s. As our name implies, we favour in particular fuller British paricipation in European integration.  I imagine we are just the sort of people Lord Tebbit has in mind as beneficiaries of disillusionment with the large parties. We greatly welcome his implied support, even if we understand he cannot give it publicly.

Yours faithfully,
Brendan Donnelly (Yes 2 Europe, London Region)