St. Pauls

St. Pauls

YES2EUROPE’ s first political initiative will be to stand in the London region for the European Elections of 4 June 2009. We will be arguing that:-

  • Britain should set itself the goal now of joining the euro as soon as possible;
  • it should join the system of free movement across borders which most other European countries enjoy; and
  • it should abandon the confused and confusing system of British opt-ins and opt-outs from the European treaties.

We believe that standing aside from European integration does nothing to help the national interest. It simply creates a self-fulfilling image of a United Kingdom not fully engaged in its membership of the European Union.

If our political agenda attracts you and you live in London, if you think we need more Europe and not less Europe in this country, YES2EUROPE will give you the chance to express your views in the European Elections. No other political party standing in these elections will be offering the same clear choice.

The European Elections of 2009 will be one of  the last major electoral contests before the General Election likely to take place in 2010. If Mr. Cameron becomes Prime Minister in next year’s General Election, he has said that his intention will be to reduce British involvement in the European Union. He has already made a start by withdrawing his Members of the European Parliament from their alliance with other European Conservatives. If Mr. Brown is re-elected, he will be tempted to continue the policy of drift and indecision on European issues which has been so harmful to the United Kingdom’s position in Europe over the past decade. Mr. Brown and Mr. Cameron should be aware that there are voters who reject both the hostility of the Conservative Party towards the European Union and the opportunistic uncertainty of New Labour on European issues.

YES2EUROPE is the only party giving you the chance to send a clear pro-European message to the next Prime Minister of this country.  Join us in sending this message on 4 June 2009!