Albert Bridge, London

Albert Bridge, London

The London Euroconsitutency will be one of the biggest electoral areas contested in the European Elections of 2009. It will elect eight Members of the European Parliament by proportional representation. As an international and cosmopolitan city, London is well placed to reject the narrow-minded and insular attitudes which frequently underlie British Euroscepticism.

Brendan Donnelly is  YES2EUROPE’s candidate for London.   Brendan is a former Conservative Member of the European Parliament. He left the Conservative Party in 1999 in protest against its anti-European policies. Today, he believes that only a coalition from across the British political spectrum can ward off the rising tide of British Euroscepticism.

Brendan has been Director of the Federal Trust for Education and Research since January 2003. He is a former Member of the European Parliament (1994 to 1999). He was educated at Oxford, where he obtained a double first in classics, and later worked in the Foreign Office, the European Parliament and the European Commission. He has written, spoken and broadcast widely on European topics. He speaks French, German and Spanish

The Nominating Officer of YES2EUROPE is Professor Stephen Haseler, the well-known academic and commentator.   The Party’s Campaign Officer is Alison Sutherland, a freelance public relations consultant